The Dynamic Divine Engine™ Workshop

The Dynamic Divine Workshop is an opportunity to understand:
What is Spirituality?
How Dynamic Divine Engine can assist?
Why Bliss?

Everyone needs a continuous momentum to exceed in life. We all need a limitless push to get out of our comfort zone and accelerate towards our Soul desires with excellence. How can we achieve all that where our mind has to constantly battle negativity and obstacles while being sharp and focused to help us achieve our Soul purpose.

Experience the unbounded expansiveness of Bliss in this powerful workshop. Learn why Bliss is an essential experience of the Human Self, how Bliss can be achieved; and receive the Dynamic Divine Engine chip coded into your Anandamaya Kosha (The Bliss Body) by Master Guru Shri Rudraji so you can tap into the unbounded expansiveness of Bliss anytime, anywhere!


The Dynamic Divine Engine is the Soul Divine Push (SDP) that can take you to gain Humongous Spiritual Growth and provide Limitless Spiritual Momentum (LSM).

The Dynamic Divine Engine is the most essential requirement to start your journey with our organization. It will not only provide you innovative divine tools but innovative divine wisdom necessary to uplift your Spirituality journey and to accel your inner thrust with which you can achieve Bliss with ease.

This workshop is very important step to understand Dynamic Divine Engine.
After completing this workshop you will be able to receive The Bliss Formula initiation from Shri Sevak Om.

Please be mindful of this divine content. Blessings.