Dynamic Divine Engine Workshop™

Awaken to your Blissfulness Potential

Everyone needs continuous forward momentum to excel in life. We all need a limitless push to get out of our comfort zone and accelerate towards our Soul desires with excellence. How can we achieve that when our mind has to constantly battle negativity and obstacles? It can be challenging to stay sharp and focused toward our Soul purpose. The Dynamic Divine Engine has been created to assist with these issues so we can be sure to achieve our soul purpose in this life.

Experience the wonder of Bliss in this powerful workshop. Learn why Bliss is a worthy goal to aim for, how Bliss can be achieved, and receive the Dynamic Divine Engine chip-like energy imprint encoded into your Anandamaya Kosha (The Bliss Body) by Shri Sevak Om so you can evolve gracefully into the blissful being The Divine intends for you to be. Everyone deserves an opportunity to awaken their blissfulness potential.

The Dynamic Divine Engine is the Soul Divine Push (SDP) that can give you Humongous Spiritual Growth and Limitless Spiritual Momentum (LSM). It will not only provide you innovative divine tools but innovative divine wisdom necessary to uplift your Spirituality journey and to accel your inner thrust with which you can achieve Bliss with ease.

Sneak Peek into the workshop:
Phase-I: Know Your Self
Phase-II: Create Adaptive Mindset
Phase-III: Expand Your Horizon
Phase-IV: Become Elevated with Divinity
Phase-V: Receive Lifelong Divine Support

This workshop is very important step to understand and receive Dynamic Divine Engine initiation. After completing this workshop, you will be able to receive The Bliss Formula initiation from Shri Sevak Om.