Spiritualize 360™

What is being Spiritual?

Spiritual is the very essence of believing in one’s spirit, it’s connection to the Divine and thinking high away from social constraints and worldly bondage.

What is Spiritualize 360?

“Live Spiritualized 360” is a conscious effort to realize God’s presence in every spirit (soul) and perform your acts (deeds) with seva bhav (service), unconditional love and dharma (duty) offering your acts to God and receive desired results as prasad (Divine food) from God.  And God is the doer and you are just a medium to carry out actions participating willfully.

With living a Spiritualized 360 life one can earn good karma (deeds), wipe out bad karmas, and ultimately embrace Divinity achieving God’s blessing at the highest level. It is not to implement for one day or in one situation but instead it is a lifestyle that you adhere to every single minute.

Rudraji says – “Why NOT Spiritualize 360?” Living a humble, peaceful and meaningful life should be the birth right of every human. And to fulfill this vision Spiritualize 360 is the best tool there is for humanity. It is easier to understand and easier to implement in day-to-day life. It is not rocket science!Walking on the path of “Spiritualize 360” one can break from the cycle of repeated births and unnecessary agony to achieve salvation (liberation).

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Please be mindful of this divine content. Blessings.