Bliss Within Reach Fair

Bliss Within Reach FairTM


To celebrate and promote YOGIC LIFESTYLE
with which you can elevate your Spiritual life towards Blissfulness.

Bliss - Yogic Lifestyle - Meditation

To celebrate and promote YOGIC LIFESTYLEwith which you can elevate your Spiritual life towards Blissfulness.


Meditation Classes

Breathing Exercises

Stretching Exercises

Spirituality Speeches


Heartful Welcome to Participants

  • We welcome everyone to any of Bliss Within Reach’s events. As a gesture of appreciation to all great souls, we attempt to give a flower to all the souls who come and participates in our events.
  • As a convenience, we will provide all participants with a free carry bag so that all of your treasure can be managed with ease.
  • Everyone will be greeted with positive energy and a smile that comes from the heart.

Soulful Service to Vendors

  • We usually visit our vendors twice, and assist them with any concerns or questions they might have. We want to make sure they are taken care of during the whole event experience.
  • We provide fruits to all of our vendors as we encourage and appreciate their participation in our events.
  • We respect our vendors on such a level that we, as an organization, are offering reduced rates on booth space so that everyone can be successful and prosperous at our events.

Fair Information

  • Fair Occurrence Dates:
    Every 1st Saturday
  • Fair Frequency : Monthly
  • Fair Hours: 12 noon – 6 pm
  • Announcements: 11:45 am


We are thankful for your considering in being a prominent Vendor supporting our cause and mission. To be a Vendor (Healers, Readers, Nonprofit, Exhibitor, etc.) please Click Here.


We are delighted for your participation to be a Volunteer at Bliss Within Reach Fair. Volunteering certainly is a great way to show unconditional service towards GOD. To be a Volunteer please Click Here.

Please be mindful of this divine content. Blessings.