Sevak Om’s Vision

People around the world always encounter a variety of situations in a million different ways like war, terrorism, social unrest, famine, poverty, unemployment, natural calamities etc. When the entire society faces any calamity… be it natural, war situations or terrorism, it stays together and helps each other to come out of the situation. At the same time when suffering happens at an individual level, normally that kind of outreach with the same vigor doesn’t take place because over the years we have forgotten the truth that we belong to one family. No matter what kind of situation you face, you always have a choice, either to emerge as a strong person or give up completely and remain as a broken lad. You can not take away the upheavals of life but certainly you can tackle the inner agony in a more fruitful way…

Sevakji is here to provide you with the necessary tools to cultivate inner strength and discover inner capabilities.

When pain/sufferings occur, a few of us attain maturity because of it and emerge as a better human with love, compassion and similar virtues. But most of us get filled with anger, hatred and needless feelings of guilt, thereby making the life miserable and bitter. If you look at the manure, it is full of various kinds of filth. If we spread it all over our body or put it on our head, there won’t be anything but bad odor, where as if we put it as manure to a plant its more certain that you will get beautiful flowers. No one can do anything about what has happened. When some filth comes in your way we should definitely use it as manure to evolve as a better person.

Sevakji is here to spread this essential wisdom and guide us in these difficult situations to emerge stronger.

All the suffering that you have within you is created by you. There are already enough sufferings in the physical body and outer world. Why would you keep on creating the suffering in your mind as well? Right now, most of your minds are full of fear and anxiety. When your mind starts listening to you – you can make it respond as you wish irrespective of the physical condition and the external situation – you will definitely experience the Inner Peace which is called “The Bliss State”. If your own mind does not listen to you, then who else will listen to you?

Sevakji is here to extend a hand by helping you to cultivate the skill to control your mind through his tools and methods.

His vision is simple yet profound

“To help others unconditionally to make them experience the full potential of divine love & attain Bliss“. He respects, admires and appreciates efforts by all spiritual and religious leaders who have helped and are helping humanity to evolve and reach closer to the Divine Energy. And if we all perform collectively we can experience the Divine love and be part of “One God, One Family™” system irrespective of our differences and methods used to reach.

Hence he has given shape to a Dynamic Divine Engine for Life Management which lays an invariably strong foundation by strengthening the divine aspect in each one of us and enhancing our capability to lead a happy, contented and satisfying spiritual life.