About Sevak Om


Shri Maha Rudraji

Shri Maha Rudraji (aka Shri Sevak Om) has been prepared by The Divine to serve humanity in many ways. He has been blessed with special gifts and divine wisdom. One of his divine assignments is to bring people together so The Divine’s vision for humanity can be realized. It is time to put aside our differences and strive for a common goal. Let’s aim for peace, harmony, and prosperity for all. The Bliss Age is coming!

His objective is “To spread unconditional love giving emphasis to the universal family-hood and dedication towards universal spiritual awakening to enhance collective consciousness thereby providing the full potential to experience divine love and attain Bliss”.

He is here to affirm the Oneness of God, inspire Oneness among humanity, and eradicate human differences that cause mass inequality, suffering, and poverty. He encourages humanity to embrace The Dawn of The Bliss Age, in which every human soul has the potential to fulfill their soul purpose, achieve life satisfaction, and be empowered with Blissfulness.

The founder of Bliss Within Reach and its sister organizations has experienced an incredible journey. He has spent many years in meditation alongside The Divine. Within this time in his life, The Supreme Divine Energy (God) taught him about what human life was truly meant to be and showed him the path to being more divine and to achieve the Beyond Bliss Spiritual Experience. Shri Maha Rudraji is now awakened and ready to share the teachings he was given by The Supreme Divine Energy with the rest of the world. As he walks his path of fulfilling the wishes of The Supreme Divine Energy, he welcomes everyone who would like to receive the most meaningful spiritual experience. He motivates, inspires, and enlightens souls as they connect with him to be aspired.