Sevak Om’s Message

Why, we all have to be different?

I get it, because we all have a Will which has different intents, a Brain which operates at different frequencies, a Mind that follows different principles, and an intellect that is influenced by different philosophies. However, just like the common source of this existence we all come from a common source as well and thus a common God. Hence, Oneness of God is very important in life.  This ideology has been believed and practiced throughout Human existence for an uncountable amount of years. Even then this Oneness concept has been interpreted with vivid explanations and forced to be believed from generation to generation. And in turn a new religion has been created throughout our existence when a growing group of people believed and followed those beliefs unquestionably. I am not here to create another New Religion but I am here to establish the sole core universal truth about our primordial source God/Goddess. This primordial source consists of both male and female energies through which the creation was created. These male and female energies are known as “Shiv” and “Shakti”.

Falsifying information or changing the divine truth to appease people throughout generations is very common as people at one time had less options to disbelieve those presented situations or perceived facts. So, it was never about learning the absolute truth unless if you are very lucky or very blessed due to an inbuilt belief from birth about the divine source. People living in certain parts of the Universe where they had a free choice to process presented situations or facts believed what was spoken by the divine source from their soul.

In today’s growing intellect and free world, it is imperative that we all understand and know the absolute divine truth of the divine source, as I call it the Primordial Divine Source. I will welcome the opportunity to provide you divine truth directly from this divine source.

So let's work together.

Truth or Absolute Truth, it’s your choice! I am here to serve you!
Be Blessed Divine.