Bliss Bodies™

Bliss Bodies – Pleasures made Divine™

God created this universe by splitting it into male and female energies. Without the union of male and female the very existence of this universe would be doubtful. It is the most basic fundamental principle of the entire Cosmos and NO species in this world can survive without male\female partners with few exceptions. For humanity to reach the state of ecstasy through sexual energy and achieve Blissfulness the union of the male and female energies NEEDS to be Divine.

All living souls have pleasures in many forms or methods. What separates our pleasures from the rest of the animals, mammals, etc.? Only human beings have the higher intellect to make these pleasures divine. It will enrich you with Divine creative and sexual energy.There should not be any shame talking about using your sexual energy towards spirituality. Everyone can empower themselves Spiritually by choosing the tools and methods they feel most comfortable. The worship of Shiv’s Linga (masculine reproductive organ) and Shakti’s Yoni (feminine reproductive organ) has been an integral part of many

Why Bliss Bodies?

 religious and spiritual belief systems. They worship and practice rituals honoring this Divine Union of Shiv and Shakti in the most truthful Divine form. This worship has been regarded as the highest way to achieve liberation. Both Linga’s and Yoni’s energy centers are present in living beings including human beings. Hence, walking away from this simple truth or not making your sexual experience Divine wouldn’t make sense. It is up to you to either get carried away in lustful approach or experience the sexual divineness through transforming yourself into “Bliss Bodies”. Choose your partners carefully.

To fully understand and implement Bliss Bodies philosophy to achieve ecstasy, conceive divinely, and safeguard your sexual energy you need to take our Bliss Bodies course. Let us help you to make your pleasures divine.

Please be mindful of this divine content. Blessings.