Bliss Bodies™

Bliss Bodies – Pleasures made Divine™

The Divine created the universe by merging male and female energies. Without the union of male and female energies, the very existence of the universe would be in doubt. It is the most fundamental principle of the entire cosmos and no species can survive without male and female interaction except for a few unique creations. For humanity to reach a state of ecstasy through sexual energies and achieve Blissfulness, the union of the male and female energies needs to be divine.

All living souls have sexual interactions in one way or another. What separates human sexual interaction from other animals, mammals, etc.? Humans have higher intellect to make their sexual experiences divine. Having divine sexual experiences will enrich your being with divine creative/sexual energy. There is no shame in talking about sexual energy in relation to Spirituality. Everyone can empower themselves spiritually with sexual energy, they just need to choose the right tool or method that works for them. The Worship of Shiv’s Linga (male reproductive organ) and Shakti’s Yoni (female reproductive organ) has been an integral part of many belief systems. This worship of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies has been thought to be the highest way to achieve liberation.

Why Bliss Bodies?

All humans contain male and female energies regardless of which sex you identify with. It is your decision whether you want to have lustful sexual experiences that will not advance you spiritually or have divine sexual experiences that will elevate you spiritually. Bliss Bodies helps you create your divine sexual experiences so that you can grow spiritually and appreciate your partner at the highest level. Choose your partner wisely. Spiritual partnership is much more meaningful and powerful than earthly partnership that has no spiritual depth.

Bliss Bodies will help you fully understand and implement spiritual sexuality in your life. Achieve ecstasy and safeguard your sexual energy. Let us help you make your pleasures divine.