What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a tool that awakens your inner consciousness and brings serenity, clarity, and bliss to the forefront of your consciousness. Meditation is a key to the door of Supreme Consciousness. However, there are other variables such as Mind, Body, and Soul that shape and form the right key for your being. This is why everyone has their own unique experiences through the meditation process.

What can be achieved through Meditation?

Meditation can help you become a loving, compassionate, blissful, and productive citizen who enjoys every second of life. This conversion is a loving gift of Grace by the Infinite Consciousness that generates and sustains everything, everywhere. Every human soul has the potential for true mystic experiences, good health, calmness, and love of life.

However, the ultimate aim of Meditation is Self-Realization and Blissfulness.

What is Self-Realization?

Self-Realization is a state of Contemplation and is the ultimate state of consciousness.