The Bliss Formula™

Sevakji says “I’m not here to show you some fantasy-world solution that promises the abundance of the universe but fails to deliver. It is a travesty to see so many people earnestly searching for ways to improve their lives only to end up more disillusioned and disgusted than ever”.

Initiating into The Bliss Formula will enhance your soul potential and help you be better in life. This initiation protects you from negativity, gives you peace of mind, infuses your being with positive cosmic energy, and most importantly boosts your ability to deal with life situations in a positive way. It will also awaken your Kundalini Serpent Power in the root chakra. After developing through The Bliss Formula, your Kundalini energy will have the potential to rise to the crown chakra where unlimited blissful experiences can be realized.

Experience the ultimate state of joyfulness and happiness – the divine state of Samadhi. This ecstatic state of bliss places you in total surrender to the cosmos while simultaneously activating all of your senses. Samadhi is the place where you experience your heart beat as one with God and the entire Universe.

This powerful 5-step formula initiates you into the divine state of Bliss.

Why Bliss Formula?

  • Activates your kundalini energy to ascend.
  • Raises your personal vibration.
  • Clears blockages in your chakra system.
  • Balances Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna nadi systems.
  • Live your full potential in all areas of life- career, health, relationships, abundance, etc.
  • Protection from negativity- black magic, voo-doo, stress, etc.

Initiate into this 5-step formula and start living in a divine state of Bliss everyday!