Meet Rudraji


We appreciate your time with respect to scheduling a meeting with Shri Rudraji. We will do what is necessary to accommodate your needs. It is important that the following guidelines/protocols are observed when you meet or speak Shri Rudraji.

  • Please remove your shoes before entering Shri Rudraji’s Sacred Space.
  • Please do not touch Shri Rudraji in any way, whether it is on purpose or by accident.
  • Please have an open mindset. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. You have the choice to believe or not believe what Shri Rudraji says. Hope you will be in peace with yourself.
  • Please do not use any negative or abusive language to express yourself in Shri Rudraji’s presence. That includes swear words and/or offensive slang language.
  • Please know that Shri Rudraji often speaks in a slow manner and often pauses during conversation.