Life Sufferings

One can dissect with a mature level of understanding that Life Sufferings are basically seeds for Life Transformation. “Life Sufferings” are the tools used by the Supreme (divine) Energy to bring us near to that energy if we have that understanding to bring a positive change in life.

Sevakji says we should live a balanced life i.e. between social and spiritual. We need to be more spiritual i.e. conscious about divine energy or the supreme energy. Very few people realize this and instead they make more mistakes and their life becomes even more miserable. If we can gathering the true wisdom from all of the wise people, they would agree: when a human being is in pain and has sufferings then he or she should let go of one’s attitude, be humble, be kind, be forgiving, be helpful to others, do good karma (deeds), truly surrender oneself to the divine energy and of course bring a positive change. In this process it is very important to realize that whatever is happening in our life is due to our own Karma. Make no mistake, if the Supreme Energy or your God does not want you to suffer no one can make you suffer.


Many times the Divine Supreme Energy sends someone or creates a situation to cause Pain and Suffering.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. If we did not make any mistakes then the Supreme Energy wouldn’t have a way to send pain and sufferings towards us. However we should realize our mistakes and regret while making a positive effort to the extent it is appreciated by the Divine Supreme Energy and bestow love, peace and happiness upon us.

The Divine or the Supreme Energy, as we all know has been seen by many of us as Jesus, Allah, and many more, but they are sons (pure souls) sent by the Divine Supreme Energy to make a difference in the lives of others. Many of us are in an agreement that “There is only ONE GOD” based on our experiences. Similarly we need to understand the most simplistic message hidden among pain and suffering. And never blame or create enomisity with the carriers of pain and suffering as they are merely performing their unconscious duty.

Using intellect and common sense we need to grow up and awake from this materialistic sleep and instead focus on:

  • Why it’s happening to me and not others?
  • What is the motive of this Divine Energy to give me pain and sufferings?
  • Why with or without money I am still suffering?
  • What is the hidden lesson that I have to learn from this situation?
  • What have I done so far in my life?
  • Why I am not truly satisfied from life so far?