Life Controls

What does Life Control mean?

  • To have have millions of dollars!
  • To have a nice house!
  • To have a nice car!
  • To have secured finances for retirement!
  • To have a great looking spouse!
  • To have a bank balance!
  • To have a great healthy body!
  • To have yearly vacations, monthly parties and get-togethers with friends!

After achieving all these if you did and maintaining it, if you can.

Why are you not Happy and not Satisfied with your life?

Why can’t you enjoy a Stress Free and Frustration Free life?

Why are you still lonely and feel empty from within?

Why are Religious or Spiritual practices not fulfilling and giving that “BLISS” or “STATE OF FULFILMENT”!

So, you can experience the control of life with a Divine touch, fragrance of unconditional love and kindness with a balance of needful living and occasional pleasures by maintaining constant awareness.

It has been said that our entire lives are just preparation for the few brief moments that really matter. Aside from those precious fleeting moments, the rest is on autopilot. Days slip through our fingers like grains of sand while we act out scripts. It is never too late to grab the helm once more, to disengage the autopilot and reclaim our destinies! If you exist here as just a body, unless you start playing in a sportive way (just not bothered about the outcome of our actions…. in terms of failure or success) every second, you are just getting closer to the grave. Fortunately you are more than a mere body. In terms of your mental status, it can either continue to grow or it can go in cycles. In terms of your emotional status, it can also continue to grow or it can go in cycles. You may not be aware of other dimensions yet, but even there, you can go in cycles or you can go somewhere. When there is a set process, you cannot change things so easily. But when there is a periodic destabilization of the system, there is a great possibility for change. If you do not stand up with a certain level of awareness and a certain level of determination, you will naturally become a part of the cycles. These cycles can either lead to bondage or transcendence; that from one cycle of life to another, you transcend. Or, you repeat the same cycle.
The difference between astrology and spirituality is just this : astrology explains how you are bound by these circles where as Spirituality gives out ways and means to get away from these cycles by transcending. The destiny, in terms of cycles is definitely there. So right now, if your life is going through cycles and repetitiveness, and you are not going anywhere; it is time to change the pattern. Closely watch the frequency of the repetitions It is so uncanny that even physical situations happen exactly the same way. Please observe whether is it happening : every three months, sixteen to eighteen months, three-and-a-quarter years, or once in twelve years? They are like waves in an ocean, either you can ride them or be thrashed and drowned by them. If you are constantly looking at how to become free from the cycle, you are looking for your liberation. The question is, are you looking for just well being or are you looking for liberation? Accordingly, you must live. If you live by being conscious of the cycles, not only will you broaden the cyclic repetition even opting for the longest interval of repetition cycle which would mean your life will have certain equanimity, a certain level of success, well being and prosperity.
Let us have a deep look. What factors of your existence are actually controlled by you? All the vital functions are under the control of the sub-conscious mind. Even your thoughts are also not under the conscious mind as you recognize the thought only after it surfaces! To a great extent even your emotions and mood fluctuations depend on another person’s behavior. You have no control over climate/weather or any other external situation.. At a given place, at a given time, with the given intellect, with the given status of body and mind, you exercise your limited free will. The wonder is you identify yourself with the action with the sense of ownership! So kindly understand that you do not control anything in reality. When you start expressing gratitude for existence for every little, invaluable things that are showered on you, you will start seeing the commonality amongst all beings, the thread that connects us and will certainly evolve higher. To be very frank, people of higher consciousness are normally not street smart and may eventually end up as failures or misfits in the gross society. So please do not indulge in the comparison business and succumb to peers’/society’s pressure. You are perfect the way you are.
Most of us are handling life without “life”. The amount of energy (“life”) while living is important. If a person expresses love and compassion to fellow beings, it has been a life well lived. Every one of us has a different constitution. Each one of us is unique and profound. Life is full of roses and thorns. Life is about experiences. Life goes on like a pendulum. People of lower consciousness dwell as victims of ups and downs, the swings of life. Whereas for people of higher consciousness there is no tragedy as they do not resist and they take up everything as a lesson. Everything is a part of a divine play- births, deaths and events. Through constant evolution you will develop macro vision and will start appreciating the marvelous work of the creator.