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Welcome to Bliss Within Reach Foundation.

We are an outreach of Shri Sevak Om (Shri Maha Rudraji) which promotes Spiritual development, Spiritual growth, and the Oneness of God. Our purpose is to help humanity create and sustain a Bliss Management System.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to uplifting and empowering every soul. It does not matter what a soul has done in the past. Every soul deserves a chance to thrive in life and aim for Bliss.

Our Values:

We value ethical treatment for everyone. Everyone should be willing to give and receive respect as a divine being. We are all part of the same Creator.

Our Care and Uplift Approach:

We care about every soul. We care about every soul’s success. We will uplift souls toward Bliss depending on each soul’s dedication to their Bliss Journey.

What To Expect:

You can expect unconditional care, support, loyalty, confidentiality, and a professional attitude. We are here for you. We will help you maintain life momentum so you can accomplish your goals.

Your Dedication

Amazing results can be achieved when you dedicate yourself. Dedication means that you continue forward toward your goal(s) even when obstacles come in the way. Overcoming obstacles contributes to your growth and progress. You are worth every second and effort it takes to be better in life.

Get Ready To Evolve:

You are a special being. We will help you evolve toward your Bliss potential. You are worth every minute and effort it takes to achieve your Bliss goals.

Get started on the rest of your life.

You are loved and you CAN succeed where you may have failed before. This is your time. Just do it!